Intermediate Class/Full Day Class


 The visitor who’s come with but doesn’t want to cook 300/person

10AM-10PM [2hours break]

Date; Mon-Sun ; Minimum 2person/class

No Refund on Cancelled Bookings


Thank you for your interest in my cooking class. I will deliver the knowledge I have knew to you in a different way compared to any other cooking class in Thailand.

10:00 AM: Class introduction, followed by a market tour, and an introduction about the Ingredients we use (1 hour).

You will have your own cooking station to prepare and cook your selected dishes.

My class is all about you understanding Thai ingredients, how to cut them and when to add them to the dishes. Please plan your trip well as my classes are fully informative and it takes the whole day to learn the secrets of a Thai kitchen!

I love sharing my knowledge with all those who are interested in our proud cuisine!

12:30 PM: We will head back to the cooking school to prepare and cook lunch (until 4 PM). We will then have a much-needed break for 2 hours!

6:30 PM: Continue cooking and preparing for our evening meal.

9:30 PM: Feel free to invite a friend to join us for the delicious dinner we have prepare!

My class caters for meat-eaters, vegetarians & vegans!

During my class, you will learn how to cook & prepare Thai dishes and leave feeling confident and comfortable cooking them in your kitchen! In this one day course you will learn how to make all curry pastes, all curry dishes, all stir-fried dishes and 4 different soups and much more You will also learn what ingredients you can use to substitute ones you cannot find at home so you can still make the dishes and still have the authentic taste of Thai!

Summary: It’s not just cooking I offer to teach you it’s also detailed, informative explanations, technique and use of ingredients.

All of your dishes will be prepared and cooked by you. I will just give you demonstrations and guide you all the way through!

A day after the class you allow to come back to practice for free in the evening

The course will cost 1,300B per person, Payment will be taken on the day you register and choose your menu.

Also, you can Pay Online at


Please contact me in an advance (to find out my availability) or you can register in person at BeBe Wok ‘n’ Roll and BeBe Spice. 


You can choose any Curry Paste to make Curry dish, Any Stir Fry dish, and Any Soup.

Choice of Meat as wish

1, Gai =Chicken 2, Moo= Pork   3, Gung = Prawn  4, Tao Hoo = Tofu

 5, Pla Tup Tim = Tilapia Fish [Can be us only for Curry dish and Soup dish]

Curry Paste


•          Red Curry Paste is the main paste to be using in many dishes of Thai dish.                                     

•          Green Curry Paste using same ingredients as Red Curry Paste but different in using Green Fresh Chilli instead of Dry Red Chilli                                           

•          Masaman Curry Paste is develop from Masala curry from Indian dish, using more spice than herbs compare to Red or Green Curry                                    

 Curry Dishes

  1. Red Curry

  2. Phanang,

  3. Turmeric

  4. Yellow Curry                              

  5. Green Curry                                                                                        

  6. Masaman Curry                                                                           

  7. Chuchi Pla [Fish Curry]                                                                   

  8. Morning Glory Curry with Fish [A northern Thai Curry with stock]                                                     

  9. Kang Tae Po [Morning Glory Curry with Coconut milk and Kaffir Lime Juice] 

  10. Kaow Soi  A Chiang Mai famous Yellow Curry with Egg Noodle    

Stir Fry Dishes                                                                        

  1. Pad Thai  

Stir Fry Thin Rice Noodle with Tamarinds Sauce

  1. Pad Se Ew    

Stir Fry Flat Rice Noodle with Kale and Soy Sauce

  1. Sweet ‘n’ Sour                                                                                    

  2. Stir Fry Chicken with Cashew nut                                                   

  3. Pad KraPraw    [Thai Favorites, we say dead end order]                                                 Stir Fry Holy Basil Leave with Garlic, Chilli and Groud Meat

  4. Pad Kee Maw   

Stir Fry Drunken man is develop from Pad KraPraw

  1. Khay Tiao Pad Khee Mao

Stir Fry Drunken with Noodle

  1. Pad Cha   

Stir Fry Garlic Chillie with Green Pepper Corn and Wild Ginger

  1. Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce                                           

  2.  Stir Fry Ginger with Vegetable and Sesame oil                          

  3.  Stir Fry Curry Powder with Roasted Chilli Paste                        

  4.  Pine Apple Fry Rice                                                                          

  5. Egg Fry Rice                                                                                        


            1. Tom Yum [Spicy and Sour Soup] Have 2 Type                                                    

A         Creamy Tom Yum

B         Clear Tom Yum

            2. Tom Kha Gai [Coconut Soup]

            3. Tom Jead Tao Hoo [Glass Noddle Soup]                                       

Spicy Salads

•          Yam Pha Meuk  [Spicy Squid Salad)                       

•          Yam Wun Sen ( Spicy Glass Noodle Salad)           

•          Papaya Salad (Som Tom)                                          

•          Tuna salad                                                                   


•          Banana, Pumpkin or Mango in Coconut Milk      

•          Fried Banana in Coconut Batter                              

•          Mango Sticky Rice                                                      


Additional Recipe

•          Deep-Fried Chicken with Sesame Seeds          

•          Grilled Fish with Turmeric and Herbs                                  

•          Deep Fry Fish with Garlic and Peppers                  

•          Steamed Fish with Pickled Plum                             

•          Grilled Beef Salad with Herbs                                  

•          Corn Patties                                                                 

•          Moo Satay                                                                    

•          Nam Prik Aong                                                             

•          Spring Roll and chilli sauce                                       

•          Laab                                                                               

•          Kaow Soi Kai   4 portion                                                            

•          Rice Paper Wrap with Dipping Sauce                     

•          Stir Fry Morning Glory with Garlic and Oyster Sauce     

•          Stir Fry Spaghetti Thai Style with Sweet Basil 


HALF DAY CLASS  [Beginner]


TIME; 10AM-3.30 PM          

800B/person; Visitor who’s come with but doesn’t want to cook 300/person

Minimum 2person/class

No Refund on Cancel Bookings



My class caters for meat-eaters, vegetarians & vegans!

Including; Recipe Book, Your Own station, Local Market Tour, Welcome drink and Snack

During my class, you will learn how to cook & prepare Thai dishes and leave feeling confident and comfortable cooking them in your own kitchen! 

 Choice of Meat

1, Gai =Chicken 2, Moo= Pork  

3, Tao Hoo = Tofu


Red Curry Paste make Red Curry Or Phanang Curry Or Yellow Curry,

Green Curry Paste make Green Curry

Masaman Curry Paste Make Masaman Curry

Kaow Soi Curry Paste make Kaow Soi



Pad Kra Praw [stir fry holy basil leave]

Pad Pak Buong [stir fry morning glory]

Pad Med Ma Maung [stir fry cashew nut]

Pad Thai

Tom Kha Gai [Coconut Soup]

Tom Jead Tao Hoo [Glass Noddle Soup ]            

Tom Yum Creamy Soup   

Tom Yum Clear



Papaya Salad

Mango Sticky rice                          

Spring Roll

Our Philosophy


To guild you from a  scratch such as buy and pick up the ingredients at local Pai market, Learning How to,When to and What to use instead of you can't find some of the ingredients, Prepare and cooking by your self. After long day learning and cooking you will find that Thai Cuisine doesn't difficult to do by your self at home






Free pick up from hotel if you stay 1km away from our address